A leading provider of Explosive Detection Dogs

2E5G7248-EditIn the current security climate the use of explosive detection dogs or sniffer dogs is becoming increasingly more in demand from many industry sectors.  The benefits of utilising Sniffer Dogs (sometimes called Bomb Dogs) to increase the protection of your staff and premises are tangible in that that they are effective, efficient and extremely versatile.

If you are considering utilising explosive detection dogs to increase the security of your premises, RFA Security will provide you with the highest calibre of detection teams.

When you contact RFA we respond quickly and discreetly.  A member of the senior management team and search dog team will discuss your requirements in confidence and provide a survey to confirm the level of support you require from our explosive detection teams.  Having established your requirements we can refine our training for both sniffer dog and handler providing a tailored solution for your business – Security as it should be. Our explosives detection teams will be deployed as soon as possible to ensure the protection you need is in place.


Our Credentials

The Director of RFA Security Services Ltd is registered and licensed with the Metropolitan Police to store explosives, (ref 03) and certified to Acquire & Keep explosives, (Certificate Number 02/M/0000EXK6660).

He is also registered with the HSE for holding a "Recipient Competent Authority Transfer Document", (RCA/35087) for the transportation of explosives. Our sniffer dogs are trained on real explosives.

Government vetted staff. RFA Security as a company, its Managers and deployed staff, are all vetted by security departments within HM Government, on behalf of the Palace of Westminster.

The extremely high standards maintained by RFA Security allow us to be exclusively partnered with Vikkas Canine Services Ltd for the provision and training of both dogs and handlers. RFA Security is the only non-Government client of VCS International.

Tailored solutions for cargo, goods and vehicle screening providing, flexibility, enhanced security and cost efficiency.

Our explosive detection and sniffer dog team training, continuation training, bulk search training and independent deployment assessments are all audited by the Palace of Westminster via the terms of our contract.

View all our accreditations here.


Our explosive detection teams provide sniffer dog solutions for almost any environment such as:

  • Mail room facilities
  • Cargo areas
  • Screening and filtration facilities
  • Vehicles
  • Public areas and people.
  • Additionally we can deliver solutions to screen large and dense items that are unable go through X-ray screening machines.

Our Standards and Code of Practice

RFA Explosive Detection Dogs are trained to the exacting standards of:

The RAF Police

Complimented by NASDU – the National Association of Security Dog Users

The BSI, under BS: 8517-2: 2010 

All Handlers are SIA Licensed and vetted in accordance with BS7858

Explosive detection dogs are trained on real explosives

Unrivalled quality assurance, standards and code of practice

Search Dog Training

2E5G7367-EditRFA Security Services recognises that the training and continuation training of our explosive detection dog teams is a vital ingredient to providing a very high standard of service. We offer all new recruits and existing staff, comprehensive training courses conforming to and above the standards set by the British Security Industry Association.

Teamwork and good management are fundamental principles at RFA and we heavily invest in our staff. Underlining our commitment to quality, we encourage existing staff to participate in further training, continuation training and encourage a career progression within their chosen specialisation and the security industry.

Whilst civilian dog training courses exist, our experience has indicated that the standard of security dog handler and in particular explosive detection dog training  having completed one of these courses, can vary dramatically. This, we believe, is due to the fact that many of the courses are run purely for financial gain. Using MOD trained staff eradicates the possibility of passes being issued because the client has thereby ensuring that standards are uniform.

734004_112992735559034_2119554971_nFormer HM Forces Personnel
The use of suitable former service personnel extends into all aspects of the services that we provide and we take great care to ensure that the staff we supply are compatible with the client and the assignment.

Former service personnel have also received training that is above that of a civilian security officer. Fire and first aid training normally come as standard and some of our staff are fully trained fire marshals. However, RFA Security does employ non military staff who have gained the experience we require within the industry. The vast majority of our staff have had supervisory experience resulting in a more competent and reliable service to the client.

Managing clients expectations
The decision to use explosives detection dog services often means that a business or organisation has an increased risk or threat.  You may have not yet reached a final decision to include sniffer dogs in your risk management are simply looking at available resources and competencies.

Please contact RFA Security Services to assist you with your procurement research, you will have confidential access to one of our Directors and experts in this subject.  You will find us friendly and extremely professional, but above all our information and advise is provided free of charge and absolutely without any obligation to use our services.  

Please use the form below to contact us or call us on 0800 587 6541.